Ningjiang Zonghui, a limited company founded in Aug. 2004, is specialized in making small size worms and gears. The shareholders of the company are from Ningjiang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd., a well-known machine tool manufacturer in China, and some natural persons.

A strong backup of technology, manufacturing and measurement from Ningjiang Group, and with its own state-level invention patent of worm milling method, awarded the No.2 state-level invention of overall gear error measuring technology, the company has been concentrating to produce quality products. Through over 10 year’s effort, Ningjiang Zonghui is becoming a influential enterprise in small-sized worm and gear making industry in China.

The company is located at Dujiangyan economic development zone, a World cultural heritage and World Natural Heritage city of Sichuan province. With over 200 employees, 6000 m2 plant area, 150 sets of precision machine tools and over 20 sets of measuring equipments imported from German and UK, the company has a 30 million parts capacity, and the products conform to REACH and RoHS environmental standards.

Ningjiang Zonghui is a High-tech Enterprise in China, and has pass IATF16949 Certification.



At present, my country's backbone gear manufacturing enterprises and research institutes represented by Shanghai Automobile Gear General Factory and Shaanxi Fast Company have completed automobile gears, motorcycle gears, construction machinery gear transmission, agricultural machinery gears, industrial gear transmissions and high-speed heavy-duty gears. The technology introduction and digestion of gears, special special gear transmission, gear special equipment and other products have enabled my country's gear transmission manufacturing industry to develop by leaps and bounds in the past ten years.

The consumer market is a big pie, and in so many fields how can companies keep a piece of the pie, this is a big question. Taking gears as an example, how does an enterprise make its products obtain good returns in the market, which is a question worthy of deep consideration by enterprise managers. In any case, the company's market share cannot be lost, otherwise, the company will lose or lose more potential customers. Therefore, the impact of gears on the consumer market is limitless and estimable.

Manufacturers of gear parts and bevel gears are constantly looking for alternatives to traditional machining processes. Maximizing flexibility has become a major consideration when selecting a machine tool, as companies are reluctant to limit themselves to a relatively small gear segment. Germany HellerMaschinenfabrik GmbH, in cooperation with Voith, has developed a process that can significantly improve production efficiency, and its pre-milling and gear milling operations can often be completed on a single machine.

Gear reducer gear processing, as for the existing equipment that cannot be satisfied under special circumstances, the use of 5-axis 5-link CNC machine tools and general-purpose tools to deal with special gear processing problems is also an inconvenience brought to us by the development of modern CNC machine tool technology. It cannot and should not be unified with the function of the gear plane, but it only provides a useful supplement.



Invention patent


Lifetime Achievement Award


National High-Tech Enterprise


Certificate of Intellectual Property Management Department


IATF 16949:2016

Analysis on the Present Situation of my country's Gear Transmission Manufacturing Industry