Recruitment concept

  1. Talents are Wealth

  Ningjiang Zonghui regards all kinds of excellent managers, managers and technicians as the core wealth of the enterprise.

  2. Cultivating Compound Talents

  With the gradual refinement of social division of labor, Ningjiang Zonghui has been devoting itself to the cultivation of comprehensive talents with a wide range of knowledge and multi-abilities in order to enable each employee to cooperate better.

  On Heroes by Success or Failure

  As the saying goes, "No hero is judged by success or failure", but the market competition is fierce and cruel. Failure means elimination. Only success can survive. Therefore, we praise "hero is judged by success or failure".

  Equal Opportunities

  "Chen Li is listed, but not stopped." Zonghui Ningjiang pays attention to the actual working ability of employees, providing equal opportunities for each employee to develop, the competent, the average and the mediocre.

  5. Knowing people and making good use of them

  It's not just education that emphasizes ability, age that emphasizes performance, and intelligence that emphasizes quality.

  6. Attaching Importance to Training

  Full staff training is the company's basic strategy to meet future challenges. Zonghui Ningjiang attaches great importance to the excavation and cultivation of human resources within enterprises, and has formulated a series of training systems to achieve this goal.

  "Love talent, value talent".