Selection of worm gear reducer


2022-04-28 16:20

How to choose a suitable worm gear reducer, how to choose a brand on the market, then first determine the type of worm gear reducer required, then determine the output power and output torque required, and then according to the input shaft speed and output shaft speed required It is used to calculate the speed ratio of the reducer. According to the actual use situation, such as: daily working time, influence load, switching frequency, etc. to determine the working state coefficient. When calculating the model, it is necessary to use the reducer, specifications, and speed ratio; Once you have the desired type, choose the brand, communicate with the manufacturer and determine your own reducer parameters.

After collecting the information of the required worm gear reducer through various channels, choose a good brand and manufacturer, get the manufacturer's address and contact information, communicate with them directly, and say your own requirements. This is very direct .This is also a very good way. Through communication, let the manufacturer understand your needs as soon as possible, you also know what kind of reducer you want, for example, universal or non-standard, the manufacturer will provide electronic samples, each model is There is a pair. The following selection information is generally available for selection of reducers and method steps for selection.

1. What equipment is used on the worm gear reducer to determine the safety factor SF (SF = motor power of rated power), installation form (straight shaft, parallel shaft, output hollow shaft key, output hollow shaft lock plate, etc.), etc.

2. Provide motor power, series (4P, 6P or 8P motor);

3. The ambient temperature around the reducer (check to determine the thermal power of the reducer); 4. Check the radial and axial force of the output shaft of the reducer. Axial force and radial force are required. It is very good to find a sample, and then refer to it.

Here, the Jie brand should be specially reminded that after choosing a suitable one, daily maintenance and maintenance should be paid attention to in daily use. In particular, the reducer must be cleaned regularly. The gearbox cleaning machine can use the original oil drainage system and filter of the gearbox The old oil used to clean the gearbox, quickly filter the waste oil, add new oil and other functions, the operation process does not change the hardware facilities, does not add cleaning agent to ensure the safe operation of the gearbox, can prolong the service life of the worm gear reducer, better Maintain the reducer.